Why is it Sustainable?

Home Exchange and Sustainable Tourism

With home exchange, we make maximum use of existing resources. We offer a great way to vacation in beautiful regions of the world without putting extra stress on them. We reuse empty spaces by staying at houses that already exist and repurposing homes left vacant much of the year.

We want to preserve our natural resources, forests, and shores from predatory tourism and overdevelopment and protect them from mass tourism that endangers some of the most beautiful places in the world. On the other hand, we also want to promote sustainable growth in cities that have a lot to offer world travelers but are not currently part of the main tourist routes, while preserving their local identity.

Home exchange is a great way to balance incoming and outgoing tourism and does not place excess demands on destinations like those created by the flux of mass tourism at destination hotspots and overdeveloped areas. Home exchange tourism does not focus only on top destinations; it promotes a wider list of destinations to be explored and discovered. We encourage people to explore areas other than the biggest tourist destinations, which tend to no longer reflect the real soul of the place.